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Beach House Depression Cherry Album Art

Music is often what gives me the strongest style inspiration. For me, dressing has always been based first and foremost on how I’m feeling. Do I want comfort? Do I want swagger? Do I want to stand out? Do I want to disappear? And the best music is all about evoking a feeling too. So I thought it would be interesting to approach the feeling of an album or band with a little curated collection, based on what kind of feels it gives me. So with that, welcome to Liner Notes! First up is Beach House and their newest album Depression Cherry.

Beach House is nothing if not ethereal, their music sort of floats and slinks along, sometimes all sparkly and fairy-like sometimes dark and slow like syrup dripping off of spoon. Their sound is like musical bourbon, forcing you to slow down and let a warm buzzy-feeling just wash right over you. You can definitely feel the “trance-like energy” they like to employ when writing a song together.

“Every song is going on this trip: What does it want?” Legrand adds. “It is mystical, but it’s such a part of our existence.”–Victoria Legrand, of Beach House to Pitchfork 

Whether fair or not, they’ve always given me a slightly witch-y gypsy vibe, and maybe a little gothic. It’s probably part the sound of the music, and part Victoria’s long wild hair, and some of her more 70’s sartorial choices, like this one:

Beach House Band Photo

So, if you’re looking to bring the Beach House sound to your closet repertoire, here are a few suggestions:

Soft Dropwaist Jacket

Soft Drop Waist Jacket


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