A Guide to Traveling in Style

I hate packing. I hate traveling. And by that I mean, I sometimes have panic attacks or total meltdowns about it. Once I’m in the air, in the car, on the train, etc. I’m generally ok, it’s getting there that’s more than half the battle for me.

I’ve always taken the approach that if you’re feeling bad, you better look good. It’s a simple way to lift your mood. You will never see me slogging to a terminal in sweatpants and UGGS. Not. Gonna. Happen. Part of this is because I long for the days when air travel was elegant and luxurious. Part of it is because I don’t want to make an already fraught situation feel worse because I’m wearing what I would wear when I have a cold and am curled up in bed. It just doesn’t give me that go out and get ’em attitude I so need.

So as I’m about to depart for some conferences in Sunny San Diego I offer you some of my tricks for feeling fabulous while flying:

Your own products. Nothing is worse than stressing about frizzy hair and broken out skin because you don’t have the products you know and love. Look for deals on shipping and free samples and you ‘ll have a trove of mini versions to take in your carry-on:

Origins travel size bottles

My favorite skin care products. All under 3 ounces!

Have a fun, flashy bag big enough to fit a small laptop, small purse, magazines and books. I usually put my liquids baggie in here too so I don’t even touch my suitcase while shuffling through security:

Sparkle Bag for travelWear a cute, comfortable shoe like this wedge, that makes you stand tall and strut your stuff. You’ll feel like a star even though you’re squishing your bum into economy. This also saves space in your suitcase for MORE SHOES. Make sure they’re easy to slide on and off for security:

These are my go to shoes for traveling. They’re hot, comfy and look great with jeans, skirts and dresses.

It’s all about making yourself feel prepared and comfortable without sacrificing your sense of style. And once you get to your destination it’s so worth it! You’re ready to go explore and discover beautiful things with beautiful people, while feeling beautiful too.

From my last trip. NYC:

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