We all get dressed for Bill.

Bill Cunningham New York finally made its way to our fair hamlet and we rushed out to see it this evening.

Bill Cunningham New York at the Esquire Theatre Cincinnati

Even in his cantankerousness there’s a sweetness about Bill that is so heartwarming and endlessly endearing. I found myself really moved throughout the film. His smile is just contagious:

Bill Cunningham at Photography Retrospective 2008

The New York Times and Bergdorf Goodman celebrate a photography retrospective by Bill Cunningham, NYC, September 10, 2008. Photo by Patrick McMullan

Bill has devoted his life to fashion and specifically, style. To those who may think having an interest in fashion is silly and not important in a world where far more serious issues exist Bill has said, “Fashion is the armor people put on to survive the realities of everyday life.” To him, it’s not really about the clothes or the designers, but how real women choose to wear them. While paparazzi snap away at stars wearing dresses donated to them, he would much rather be riding his bike around New York, capturing the trends of the moment on the runways of the streets.

Bill Cunningham New York Poster Esquire Theatre

Poster outside of the Esquire Theatre Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bill is still out there, at the age of 82, fighting the good fight while almost getting run over by taxis on a daily basis. I could only dream of having his energy. You can view slideshows of his On the Street feature from The New York Times Style section, though after watching the painstaking care he takes in laying out the page with his art director, it almost seems a shame to view it this way. Though his adorable voiceover kind of makes up for it.

Fall in love with Bill:

Bill Cunningham New York Trailer from Gavin McWait on Vimeo.

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