Shellac Fail + Nail Polish Trends

I love knowing about the up-and-coming nail polish color trends and techniques just like the next gal, but I tend to be pretty un-adventureous when it comes to color choice. I recently tried the new(ish) shellac manicure technique and my overall consensus is that it was a fail. Too much time and too much money without the payoff. Less than 5 days in and I already have a chip (it’s supposed to last 2-3 weeks):

Shellac Nail Polish Technique-Chipped Nail

My sad little chipped pointer finger. Maybe I just type too hard.

The color above is a super dark purpley-brown, which is definitely in my comfort zone when it comes to nail color. My all-time favorite color is OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (which is what my toes are painted as I type this). If I try something different it’s usually a very dark red or a neutral like Essie Jazz . If I’m feeling super saucy I’ll occasionally do a classic red or a red-violet like Big Spender.

I like the way these colors look with my skin tone and the versatility of the darks/neutrals. The darks give me that little touch of rock n’ roll I’m always looking for, too. I feel like every time I splurge on some random color like mermaid green I end up regretting it and it sits in my vanity drawer un-used.

All this said, I think personal style can extend to your nail color, and sometimes it’s better to stick with something that always works rather than following that neon yellow trend.

It’s interesting to me that the two major salon nail polish brands have extremely different takes on the hot nail colors for spring 2011. One drew inspiration from the ever-sophisticed French (a trend that I think is actually closer to the end of its cycle) and the other went deep into the heart of Texas (random!). Not much strikes my fancy here, but there are a couple I may try:


Essie French Affair Collection

From left to right: Kisses and Bises, Nice is Nice, Coat Azure, Sand Tropez, Topless and Barefoot and French Affair. I love Topless and Barefoot which is described as "a barely there soft beige pink."


Now we're talking! But for spring? These feel a little off to me. My faves: Houston We Have a Purple, Suzi Loves Cowboys, San Tan-tonio and It's Totally Fort Worth It.

If I could pick a new job it would be naming nail polish. Please give me this job someone!

Which spring nail polish collection do you like better? Do you have a signature nail color?

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